14 November 2008

The White

Photos courtesy of Flickr, photographers uncredited; my sincere apologies.

With absent member Gigi, whose idea it was that the entire troupe wear white in the dirt. Bless her heart, it worked like magic.

Photos courtesy of Unidentified Patron.

Photo courtesy of the Maryland Renaissance Festival, Third Place Character Portrait 2007, "Lady On Stilts".

Out Of The Box's youngest member, Lili. Photo by P. Pomeroy

Zizi, right, our newest member, and Max, center, the first member. Photos by P. Pomeroy

With guest performer N. Burke, 2007, left. Mimi, Lili, Zizi and Max, below.

Mimi, founding member and director of Out Of The Box. Photograph by Angelique Raptakis.

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